Stretching the posterior chain, plantar fascia of the feet, the wrists, come along to a class soon and join in with this sequence.


Stretching is important to keep us flexible and keep the fascia pliable, preventing stiffness and tightness through the body. This can be modified to suit you. Any questions please ask.


Shoulder blade retraction exercise to strengthen the upper back can be done daily. Then stretching the chest to help improve posture, preventing rounded shoulders, again this can be done daily. Any questions please email me or come along to my classes.

A great core strength exercise using the gliders. Be careful with technique with your back, use your abs and controlled movement. Let me know how you get on. Good luck!!


Good spinal mobility is important to keep your back healthy. Please avoid this exercise if you have disc related problems.


The VW exercise is a good back strengthener, this can be done daily to maintain good posture, using a resistance band.


A good all over strength exercise, using the core, arms, legs and postural muscles. Using good form, slow and controlled, as many reps as can. Challenge yourself!!


A great back strengthener, using the muscles of the back and shoulders. Please avoid if you have any disc related problems. Come to my classes for alternative exercises.


Superman exercise for core stability, pelvic stability, and strength. Try the exercise first with your toes on the floor, then progress to raising your feet off the floor for a balance challenge. Message me and let me know how you get on. Good luck!!


A great exercise for improving all over strength. Challenge yourself and see how many you can do with good technique!!!